Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Dangerous Out There

Happy freaking Valentine's Day. Needless to say, this day was a roller coaster for me. But I must admit it has finally leveled off on a high point and I have learned a thing or two about Valentine's day. I can state, with absolute confidence, this holiday is not (just) a commercial ploy to get people to buy flowers and chocolates, but instead it is a day where the littlest things can mean so much.

Coming into Valentine's day with the knowledge that I probably wouldn't get my Valentine, wouldn't get to share a romantic dinner with someone special, or in general celebrate a romantic bond with (okay, okay I'll say it) a hunk of a boyfriend/lover/romantic interest, had me in all sorts of low places today. I am a hopeless romantic and I am not going to try to cover that up. Anyone who knows me would say I wear my heart on my sleeve and fall victim to the slightest bit of mushy-gushy-ness. So I was afraid this holiday was going to be wasted on me. 

And it turns out that was not the case at all. 

My morning started with a text at 5:30 am from my friend Zach, wishing me a Happy Valentine's Day. He was thoughtful to send that text, and it made me smile, but at that point only reminded me of the day to come. 

At 5:45am, I started my body-pump-up-your-muscles class with a mixed version an always-classic love song remix by O-Town. Great. Figures. 

I get to work and open my email and see this little Valentine from my dearest Regina. She certainly knows how to warm my heart :)

After that, work starts to drag and a co-worker notices I'm a little down. We begin to chat about Valentine's day and it becomes apparent to him that my spirits could be lifted. He suggests going out to lunch, getting out of the office and asks me where I'd like to go. He rounds up some people and out we went into the rain and wind (yes, perfect Valentine's Day weather) to get some sandwiches. While at lunch, I mention my sandwich is salty and my friend Ted (after exclaiming his love for his Turkey-Dinner-in-a-sandwich sandwich and how absolutely mind blowingly delicious it is) trades me my second half sandwich for his. He wouldn't take no for an answer.

Some of my other friends offer to hang out with me tonight so we don't have to be alone and can promptly forget it is even Valentine's day. 

But the ultimate kicker of my day and the point that pulled me out of my storm cloud was Ted. As I walked to my car after work, he stopped me in the parking lot to give me a card he made me. It started off as just a scrap of paper he had found at lunch, but then he turned it into a legit, 3-D hand made pop up card 4 hours later! 

The reference is from one of his favorite video games as a kid. Totally nerdy, totally true, and totally sweet. 

And now I'm about to spend the night with my sister, getting lost in one of our favorite TV shows together. 

By the end of this day, I could have felt pretty down in the dumps for not having someone special on one of my favorite holidays... But when I took a step back as I held my hand-made Valentine's day card, I realized I had so many special people I had "spent" today with. 

Rather than one Valentine, I had multiple Valentines. 

So really, I should be saying Happy wonderful Valentine's Day. I'm lucky to have so many good friends in my life. Maybe next year boyfriend/lover/romantic interest.


  1. A) Points for the O-Town reference. Thoroughly random.
    B) Was the show Glee? I miss sitting in our office with you and JJ and each of us watching it on a separate computer.
    C) Happy belated VDay! That card is amazing!

  2. No it wasn't Glee! :) Although I do remember our days of sitting in our office watching Glee.... Oh what fond memories. I think the best memories of grad school were born in that office!

    We were watching Once Upon a Time. It's helping me recall all of my childhood fairy tales. Definitely a good show ;)