Sunday, November 4, 2012

Roll With It - Truck Bed Style

Friday afternoon, Ted and I decided to pack up his truck and go up to Mt. Lemmon to camp. And even though we go there in the pitch black, we couldn't have had a more wonderful time. Sometimes it's fun to be spontaneous. And this was definitely a moment when I appreciated spontaneity to its fullest.  

We rolled into our (RV Only ...whoops) camping spot in Molino Basin just as the twilight faded to night. We quickly unpacked, blew up the (totally awesome and worth it) truck bed air mattress, broke out the zero-G chairs and lounged under the stars a bit before we started cooking dinner. 

I guess I couldn't take a picture of the top of our heads. It's so weird... I had such a good hair-do too... 

We had pre-made some chicken burgers and home made guacamole before getting on the road, which made grilling up dinner quick and easy. And since we had no quick access to a camping stove, we just brought the whole grill with us! It worked like a charm. Cooked the veggies, beans and burgers like nothing! 

I forgot plates. Improvisation is sometimes needed when you're camping.

And what camping event would be complete without some S'mores! (with dark chocolate, of course)


After sleeping under 6 blankets and 3 layers of clothing all night under a (basically) full moon, we woke up to the beautiful Basin rolling out in front of us. 

In no time we had water boiling for coffee, bacon in the skillet and pancakes fluffing on the grill pan. 


  1. I love EVERYTHING about this! Especially imagining that beautiful, relaxing morning!

  2. What an awesome spontaneous get-away! Looks like it was so much fun :)