Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Rain Transforms Us

It's going on 48 hours of non stop rain in the desert.
It's amazing what a constant drizzle can do to the mind.
I think rain makes us smarter.

Rain makes us dig a little deeper.

These rainy days I've reflected on love.

Sometimes I stop by Le Love to read something real for a change. (There are only so many facebook status updates one can take.) No matter what my heart is feeling that day, this blog has words I can relate to. It's truly amazing how many people are feeling the same thing at the exact moment, whether it be heartbreak, loneliness, hopefulness, hopelessness, or blinded by true love. I love this blog because of the raw emotion and true beauty in the joy and the sadness. This post in particular stood out to me tonight for that reason.

Reading the words written by people all over and collected by Le Love makes me feel somehow connected and and gives me comfort when its needed. It's incredible what love can do to us. Sometimes it's important to stop and think about what role it's played in our lives and recognize how it's changed us.

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