Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Dream In Color

I love this song. Maybe because it's perfect for this moment in my life. I've had to juggle a lot lately mentally, emotionally, and physically. It really takes a lot to keep pushing yourself forward and to tell yourself you are smart, you are capable, and you will be okay. I've been forgetting recently to tell myself those things, and I have only lost self confidence and missed out on opportunities to be happy because of it.

Time to recharge those batteries, Fighter.

I think I'm ready for my big review at work tomorrow.
And for the day after that...and after that one.
If it doesn't kill me...well, you know..

And a country song because there's always a country song playing in my head. This one suits me now.

1 comment:

  1. I was updating my Ipod yesterday (which I basically only use for running) and want to guess most played song, by A LOT? Stronger. Such a good song! Every time I hear it, I'm always like, "You're right, Kelly Clarkson! I am stronger!"