Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Again

It's the beginning of March.

These crumbly dirt shoulders on the side of the road are sprouting with beautiful flowers.

I see them as I ride by on my bike.

They blow in the now warmer winds...

Time to say good bye to the cold...

Say hello to springtime.


It feels like just yesterday it was Christmas.

Wasn't it just Valentine's Day?

Time is passing too fast for me. Now that I'v been in the working world for a while, I'm looking back and realizing how quickly a week, a month...half a year can pass.

Sometimes it's scary when I realize that not much has changed from week to week and month to month. I get worried when I haven't made progress...

Sometimes I get so caught up in just getting somewhere or getting to a specific moment in time I forget to enjoy the little things along the way

                                                                           *   *   *
Taking the time to take a picture of a beautiful moment, bake a batch of oatmeal bars just to eat a hot one right out of the oven 30 minutes later....

Scrounging up a random dinner with my sister at 9 pm when we both get home so we sit on our couch and watch a TV show together ...

Driving through town with country music blasting and signing along without caring who sees...

And spending that time at my neighborhood coffee shop, laptop or book in hand curled up on the outdoor sofa.


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